I used to embrace modern simplicity in my wardrobe but this year, it is time for some “creative opulence!”

With the recession, this may seem counterintuitive but I think this is actually the ideal response to low times. Situations like this is what reminds us that fashion is not just a commercial endeavor. Rather, fashion is an art form of self-expression. Therefore, I challenge myself (and you, dear reader) to break free from conservative withholdings and unleash your inner creative opulence! What exactly is “creative opulence” you ask? Basically, it is what I like to call the process of integrating the world of couture into everyday life…representing couture inspirations in a casual and attainable way. With so many fabulous mainstream shops like Forever XXI and H&M, anyone can take home a piece of filtered-down haute couture minus the haute price tag! So I say trade up that cotton blazer for a faux fur shrug!

(pictured above: leopard print faux fur jacket from H&M)

I refuse to hear about the “death of haute couture” in my lifetime and while I cannot financially show my support at all times, I will do my part to appreciate the art form by injecting my basics with a little opulence, creatively more than monetarily of course! Please note here that I do not mean to suggest that fake or knock-off (i feel itchy all of a sudden…) items are worth seeking (definitely not, I will write more on this subject later) but it is a natural process in fashion for haute couture to filter down into mainstream versions that we can sport day to day. Plus, faux fur never hurt anyone…or anything!

To me, being fashionably chic is not so black and white. What may be beautiful to you may be repulsive to another but if the piece is right for you and it makes you feel wonderful then I say go for it! It is definitely better to dare it and wear it than to err on the side of safety and reduce your outfit to be utilitarian at best~ gasp!

So I challenge you to add one thing to your wardrobe this week that defies your wardrobe conventions in order to experience the true thrill of fashion. Key pieces that are inspired by creativity are the ones that will turn your wardrobe from just functional to absolutely fabulous! And remember, you don’t have to break the bank for creative opulence. Remember that the operative word here is “creative” ~ so be creative in your search (stores you would never think of entering, vintage shops, your boyfriend’s closet…). Then once you have your piece, remember that we’re not going for haute couture but CASUAL couture (oxymoron’s lead to delicious things…jumbo shrimp for instance!), so don’t save that glorious piece for a day on the runway… it will probably just collect dust if you’re waiting for that perfect occasion. Clothes are meant to be worn! I learned this lesson after stashing my beloved knee-length white fur vest away for an entire year before realizing that the moths were enjoying it more than I was. Now instead of waiting for a fancy situation to bring it out, I just throw it on over my favorite pair of worn-in skinny jeans and loose cotton rocker tee and surprisingly, it works!

I would love to see and hear about what amazing pieces you choose so email me!

xoxo, Nahri.

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