Originally from BC, I am sad to say that I was not able to personally partake in the Vancouver Olympic festivities…sigh! But that did not stop us in Calgary from showing our national pride! Here is a photo I took of our friend decked out in Vancouver 2010 gear (accompanied by Quatchi of course!)…My hat is tipped off to The Bay for their good showing of Canada gear. The mittens were definitely the highlight! However, the Vancouver native, Aritzia, was the front-runner for hip Olympics gear; the fall/winter season’s plaid flannel trend could not have complimented the Winter Olympics look better. It is funny how fashion can be so convenient at times…this is what makes me realize that fashion is not a static realm of its own but rather a glamorized reflection of what is happening in society at any given moment. For example, if you want to gage the economic attitude of a country, look no further than the runways; in times of trouble, the colors seem to mute and designs simplify then when things get hopeful (or in some cases when things get even more desolate!), that is when you will start seeing more vibrancy and glitz (as an attempt to call upon better times)…when people are looking for change, the catwalk will bare daring designs that break from the status quo~! Hmm…now maybe the runway is not the best place for a financial analysis but hey, it sure beats an economics class!

xoxo, Nahri.


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