The packing list for my spring Europe trip consisted of airy dresses, capris, and skirts…I mean, Italy has got to be much warmer than Calgary, right? Wrong. With an exceptionally cold spring this year, I had to quickly find some extra layers of warmth. Lucky for me, there was a chic and simple answer to my dilemma: stockings, pantyhose, and tights, oh my! The Europeans did not let a little chill ruin their chance to bring out their spring garb, instead they paired shorts and dresses with a variety of sheer printed tights in a wide variety of hues (especially white and cream). The outfit almost comes second to the stocking of choice (as per my outfit selection as seen on top right of photo above). Bright and multicolor tights (top middle picture) bring on a more wintery feel of trends past so try updating the fad by switching from opaque to sheer. But remember, sheer does not equate to boring…there are a plethora of patterns and designs to choose from (go cutesy with little hearts and bows or sophisticated with soft fishnets, polka dots, and floral motif). There were many stores solely dedicated to hosiery in Europe (as well as many parts of Asia, namely Japan and Korea) and it is only a matter of time before we see more selection here in North America. Until then, try rummaging through the hosiery section at The Bay (most of it is basic but they carry a handful of brands that come out with fun and flirty designs) and if you find yourself in need of something funkier, head to American Apparel. One cannot write an article about hosiery and not mention the quintessence of stocking brands, Wolford. Check out (online shop based in the USA) for a wide array of hosiery brands including Wolford. My current faves are:

Cute = sheer stay-ups dotted with little hearts (pictured in bottom left corner)

Vavavoom = black sheer back seam control tops by Spanx,search,.htm

Fashion = fringe tights by Wolford (I WANT! But they are $420 a pop!),search,.htm

Have you come across a unique pair lately? If so, I’d love to see pictures! Email me!

xoxo, Nahri.


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