Fashion & Food


How many times have you come across a beautifully plated dish and marvelled at the colour contrasts and artistry of the chef? And how often have you thought of the chef without their chef’s jacket and wondered what they wear underneath? My eyes have feasted on the aesthetics of  food, but it never occurred to me that the person who designed that beautiful plate could also adorn themselves in fine Italian tailoring. But, of course! Why wouldn’t those who create food as art embrace fashion? The realms of food, fashion, and design seem to increasingly collide as we see celebrity chefs donning custom-made chef’s jackets in the kitchen and designers like Dolce and Gabbana and John Varvatos in the limelight. As WWD reports, some chefs like Laurent Gras study fashion and take inspiration to the kitchen with palatable creations that reflect different textiles and textures of the season. Others like Marcus Samuelsson and Wolfgang Puck are literally married to fashion– Samuelsson’s wife is a model while Puck’s wife is a handbag designer. Even Mario Batali’s marketing foray with his signature orange Crocs (eek!) is a fashion statement. xoxo, Angela


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  1. Jason

    Very interesting article. I’ve never really thought about this. I’ve always equated food with travel but incorporating fashion really makes sense. Now I want to see more pictures!

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