Society is so fixated on equality…equal opportunity, equal rights, racial equality, social equality, and of course gender equality. However, gender equality has not been a top priority in the retail industry thus far…not in North America at least. Girls seem to have all the fun when it comes to fashion…rightfully so when you consider that when it comes to clothing, the popular male attitude is: “more options = more confusion.” But this stereotype is quickly becoming outdated and plain inaccurate. Timeless style icons such as Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, and James Dean (the list goes on!), represent a century of effortless cool, debonair attitudes, impeccable taste, and endless charm. Well into the twenty-first century, it is now time for a resurgence and modernization of such ideals. Look to Tom Ford, George Clooney, Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, and David Beckham as some of today’s style paragons. European men are forging the front lines of everyday style as they dress to impress. You can see everything from refined older gentlemen who don tweed dinner jackets with polished Italian leather loafers to youthful boys epitomizing “casual cool” in their motorcycle leather jackets, distressed jeans and of course, accentuated with an unlikely but oh-so-European silk scarf. There seems to be two major roadblocks that hinder the North American male from becoming more aesthetically conscious:

1. Not enough mainstream retail selection

2. General fear of the label “metrosexual”

Well here is why these hurdles can no longer be used as excuses:

1. Three simple words, one simple concept: SUPPLY AND DEMAND! Once retailers see a rise in menswear sales, it is only natural that they will stock more merchandise. This is exemplified in Europe where there is a much wider selection of men’s apparel shops to choose from.

2. Taking pride in your appearance is not just skin deep. Grooming, clothing, posture ~ this is how you are displaying your inner self to the outside world. Whether you like it or not, we live in a visually stimulated society and it is up to you to take advantage of this. Whether you care or not, others around you do. So start caring! This idea has sociology experiment written all over it: the way people view you, treat you, and consider you, all begins with the first impression…read: first VISUAL impression. So, whether it is for a job interview, corporate presentation, date, family gathering, or buddy’s birthday, how you dress is a direct indication of your attitude. Therefore, putting some extra elbow grease into your wardrobe should not be a dirty word. “Metrosexual” should not be a niche term, it is a synonym for the everyman of the modern age: cool, smart, confident, and sharp.

xoxo, Nahri.


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2 responses to ““B” IS FOR “BOY”, NOT FOR “BORING”

  1. David

    phew!! i need not fear the word anymore!! thanks nahri!

  2. Jason

    Thanks for the article. I agree. It is a lot easier for me to dress according to brand rather than style as it is a much safer choice. I still feel somewhat fashion conscious by wearing the “right” brand but have the safety of hiding behind the brand and blending in with the rest of society.
    What North America needs is a shift in mentality and attitude towards “metrosexual clothing”. Just that label itself makes guys like me cling to my True Religions in fear of venturing into the unknown.
    There needs to be a mix of improved marketing/exposure coupled with some fearless pioneers willing to go out with their new style.
    I do think it starts with more exposure and attention to men’s fashion. Men are like sheep, they follow one another. lol

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