It is that time of year again…flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the retailers are stocking brighter shades in airier shapes! But before you revel in spring activities, it is time to cleanse and detoxify your closet. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Create some extra space for yourself by putting away heavy winter items such as wool sweaters and winter coats. If you do not have much storage space, get a flat and wide plastic container that can fit under your bed. Remember to add a cedar block to protect your woolies from hungry critters!
  2. Now it is time for some tough love; detoxify the remainder of your wardrobe. Get ride of items that are worn, outdated, ill fitting, or purely sentimental (I know your college sweater may offer you a momentary glimpse of euphoria but honestly, when is the last time you wore it in public?!). It is not easy to part with things that you have become attached to but just remember that you can donate these clothes to someone who will make better use of them. Another fun idea is to throw a clothing swap with your friends; this is a great way to recycle clothing and a perfect excuse to throw a soiree!
  3. Okay so I know that you still have a handful of pieces that you just could not bear to part with in step two! Here is what you can do: place these items in one section of your closet then after about a month or so, keep the items that you have actually worn and get ride of the pieces that have gone untouched. Remember the 80/20 rule: we only wear about 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.
  4. Reorganize your closet in a way that is most effective for your life. If you treat your closet like your own retail boutique, then you are more likely to enjoy the clothing you have and avoid the “I have a full closet yet nothing to wear” syndrome. We are simple beings; if we cannot see something (amidst the clutter) then we will not wear it. One way you can organize your closet is by categories: tops, bottoms, dresses, work clothes, work out clothes, etc. I love thin velvet hangers as they are major space savers and will keep even your slinkiest silk tops from sliding off. You can find many varieties, brands, and colors. I found some black ones at Costco and some pretty pink ones at Home Outfitters. Check out Amazon.com as well:


  1. Voila! And now that you have some extra space, you can add fresh new pieces (or replacement items) from the fabulous new spring collections now in store!

Does this all sound great but too time-consuming or overwhelming? Then let Style Atelier take care of this for you! Style Atelier is a personal styling and shopping service that is committed to fulfilling your specific wardrobe needs. The official website launches in June 2010 but if you would like immediate services, please contact us today at: contact@styleatelier.ca

xoxo, Nahri.

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One response to “SPRING CLEANING

  1. Jenny

    My wool sweaters and tops (some still with tags) thank you for being their voice during many years of abandonment in the back of my closet. They need a new home to “hang” out in!

    Spring cleaning… Thanks for the reminder Style Atelier. I am going to clean ’em out this weekend to make room for some silk lovin.

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