The Era of Eco-Fashion

Eco-fashion. Probably synonymous with organic t-shirts and some generic cotton shorts, but those days are long gone and eco-fashion is burgeoning with incredible designs by amazing designers. So what exactly is eco-fashion? Loosely speaking, it is creating clothing that considers the well-being of the environment, takes the consumers health into account, and reflects on overall working conditions. As a result, the range in eco-fashion is great as some designers work on using organic materials, others use natural dying processes, and still others will recycle and reuse trash like plastic bottles to create clothing. Its pretty amazing to see how technology can transform paper, plastic, and rubber among others things into wearable textile. Finally, a crop of recycled and redesigned clothing lines like Preloved and AuH2O have sprung up, giving new life to old and unwanted clothing. Brands like Levis and Nike are taking baby steps into the eco-friendly arena and teen star Selena Gomez is following in the footsteps of Hilary Duff and the Olsen twins by launching her own line with Kmart, but her Live Out Loud collection is eco-friendly and less than $25. With so many eco-fashion designers and lines available, no style is left out. Here are my top eco-fashion picks:

Mr. Larkin


Elena Garcia

People Tree

Annie Greenabelle

xoxo, Angela


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