Enchanté, ENSUITE!

(Image courtesy of http://www.canterracustomhomes.com)

What images come to mind when you hear the words “stylish” or “chic”? More often than not, I would conjure up images of the latest printed pumps by Miu Miu or the exquisitely classic Chanel suit. But recently I have found myself using such adjectives to describe very different subjects of desire. My latest hobby of “show home-hopping” has opened my eyes to some models of truly beautiful architecture. While the main floor is typically the Mecca for home splendors (hardwood floors, crown moldings, granite countertop kitchens fit for a chef, the list goes on), I gravitate towards the ensuite and of course…the walk-in closet! The ensuite is no longer a pitifully tucked away nook that is built for the simply utilitarian purpose of clean hygiene; there is a multitude of upgrades one can choose from including double vanity sinks, his and hers walk-in closets (ingenious!) with custom built-in shelving units, spa-like Jacuzzi tubs, marble and glass-walled shower stalls with built in seating and rainfall-esque shower heads…I mean, there is no end to the “bells and whistles” out there these days. I see this as a direct reflection of the shifting consumer attitudes that place a higher priority on personal grooming; taking care of yourself is no longer a chore, it is a luxury that should be indulged in! While most of us may not own an ensuite with such grandeur, we can all take part in pampering ourselves more often…so the next time that you are in the shower, try adding a bit of luxe into your daily regime. Try lighting a Henri Bendel candel (my favorite is Vanilla Bean), which you can find at http://www.henribendel.com or Bath & Body Works now carries them as well! While you are there, pick up a deliciously scented body wash, exfoliator (grab one with fine grains to get a deep cleanse), body butter lotion and maybe even a loofa! There is a wide range of body products out on the market so experiment and find out what you like best. My recommendation is to go cost-effective on the body exfoliator (for the face, I would recommend Lancôme’s line of facial scrubs) and indulge in a fragrant candle and a natural lotion (some contain too many artificial scents that will give you a headache more than anything else). Take some extra time grooming yourself at least once a week and you will be thrilled at how relaxed and rejuvenated you will feel! So the motto for this week is: “pamper yourself”! Hmm…I think it’s time for my bubble bath!

xoxo, Nahri.


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