After months of anticipation and secrecy, Sex & the City 2 is finally released in theatres today! But unlike other movie premieres, this one is not to be treated casually… women across the world are using this movie debut as an opportunity to dress up, dine out, and well~ be fabulous! The phenomenon of SATC has brought about a resurgence of “girls’ night outs” and this encompasses far more than pretty dresses and sparkly shoes…

Since it aired over 10 years ago, this unassuming television series has been met with overwhelming audience acclaim. Surprisingly, the glossy fashion ensembles are what created such frenzy rather than the explicit sexuality. The Chanel bags, the Manolos, the exquisite skirts paired with simple tees, and the fun, flirty accessories are just the beginning. Beyond the visual glitz and glamour (Patricia Field, I covet your job!), the series captured the essence of what it is to be a female among her girlfriends. The characters unabashedly cover a wide variety of topics including men, sex, and clothes of course, but issues such as intimacy, self-doubt, fears, and hopes are discussed openly and honestly. Even after stripping away all of the designer labels, Swarovski crystals, and skyscraper pumps, SATC has opened the doors and exposed many issues that women hesitate to speak about outside their gaggle of closest girlfriends. SATC is an honest and outward expression of the many colourful and varying facets of what it means to be a woman today. To top it off, how much more fabulous would the city streets look if more women (and men!) took fashion cues from the wild, sometimes wacky but always fresh and vibrant SATC looks! Regardless of the strength of the plot, SATC 2 will definitely be a feast for the eyes! So hit the box office then be inspired to dress up and bring out your inner fabulosity while sipping on a few cosmos!

xoxo, Nahri.

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