Go Ahead, Make a Statement

statement rings

When I was little, my mom and I went on regular shopping excursions. She would usually “lose” me in the department stores and after a first panicky experience when I was about three, she knew exactly where to find me. My little eyes would somehow always find the shiny things and I would wander into the jewelry section awed by the sparkling, glittering baubles. Fast forward a decade or two and my attraction to sparkle hasn’t changed much.

Perhaps that explains my fascination with cocktail rings. I actually prefer to call them pointer rings because i) I wear them on my pointer finger, ii) they become the focal point of any outift, and iii) when you point (I know, pointing is rude but you might make an exception for this) you showcase your ring for all to behold. Okay, maybe that’s a tad dramatic, but that’s what these rings are all about: drama and making a statement. It is said that cocktail rings made their debut at cocktail parties in the 30s as those attending the parties not only drank illegally, but did so with pomp and flair. Today, cocktail rings are still worn at cocktail parties and other formal or dressy events. The ring brings an elegant and simple dress to life with diamonds and precious or semi-precious stones; however, my favorite way to wear a cocktail ring is with jeans, a tee, a boyfriend blazer, and pumps. There’s nothing like contrasting the casual, every day with a luxurious ring.

There are so many different kinds of cocktail rings one can choose from at so many different price points. Some of the more popular styles include single stones adorned by smaller ones, flowers, architectural shapes, and animals. Whether you decide to buy a few at Forever 21 or invest in a single panther at Cartier, be sure to keep your other fingers free and your outfit clean and simple because when you’re making a statement, you don’t need competition.

xoxo, Angela



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5 responses to “Go Ahead, Make a Statement

  1. Louise

    Beautiful Ang!

  2. Love me some statement rings and these are positively screaming look at me! Love it!

  3. Jamie

    Bought the UO Cluster Ring! Love it!

  4. Mary

    Great article! Makes me want to go out and get a pointer ring and point!

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