I absolutely adore peonies…if I could define beauty, elegance, and grace with a flower, it would be the peony. Let me share with you how this love story all began…

I am inextricably linked to the women in my life…my grandmother, mother, and I share a birthday week ~ each 24 years apart (year of the pig = “3 little pigs”) and my grandmother’s friends still mistake me for my aunt! My grandfather once saw a newspaper clipping of me on the table (an image of when I was young, playing the piano) and asked my grandmother why she had put out an old picture of my mother ~ his daughter! Thus, exemplifying the strength of genetics. But it does not stop there…I first learned how to choose complimentary make-up colors from my mother, naturally, and she from her sister (I still remember: Bobby Brown in Fawn & Eggplant!) ~ and to this day, all three of us don the same shades of shadow in three different parts of the world. My love for peonies also stems from this same well of impeccable taste. For as long as I can remember, my grandmother, one of the most beautiful and tasteful women I know, has lovingly adorned her kitchen, bedroom, and dining room with fresh cut peonies and garden roses from her backyard…the soft shades of pink within exquisitely simple yet elegant vases always managed to bring me to a place of complete contentment and serenity! The pink peony is the favorite flower of all the “3 little pigs.”

So every spring, I indulge in my peony fancy as much as I can ~ I know all too well that the season for these lovelies is short, much too short!

Tip: if you find yourself going through peony withdrawal during the rest of the year, try getting a bouquet of cabbage roses for a similar feel:

(image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings)


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