Fashionably Sporty

I’m not very athletic and I don’t enjoy watching sports very much, but my boyfriend is kind of a sports fanatic and I get sucked into watching hockey here and there and little bit of basketball once in a while. Well, with the NBA finals and World Cup happening simultaneously, I am watching sports a little more than usual (I would even exaggerate and say I’m on sports overload right now compared to the norm). Usually, I’ll watch the sport du jour for about 10 minutes tops before my attention wanders and instead of paying attention to the athleticism and graceful movements of the athlete, I focus on the funny facial expressions, the weird tattoos, the hair (or lack of), and which other famous person the athlete resembles (Dwight Howard and Eddie Murphy, anyone?). And of course, I pay attention to what the athlete is wearing. It’s been interesting to note that in sports like basketball and soccer where there is not much room to get creative, athletes are finding subtle ways to make their mark. Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics (who also looks like Bow Wow) is a master at coordinating green, white, and black, always accenting with his signature upside down headband while even his support gear matches. David Beckham has made quite a mark off the field with his great fashion sense (with Posh Spice at his side, how could he not), but even on the field he has captured our attentions with his myriad of hairstyles. This lead me to think that even the most boring of sports can be fun and so many sports are interlaced with fashion. Take figure skating and synchronized swimming, for example. Without the costumes, neither sport would be as expressive and artistic. Imagine Joannie Rochette or Kim Yuna skating in a plain black leotard! Sports like tennis and golf have left some room for self-expression and we have seen some pretty impressive get-ups by Maria Sharapova and the Williams’ sisters in tennis while Michelle Wie expresses her cute, fresh style on the fairway and Tiger Woods has become known for his red polo shirts and black pants. Oh, and how could I forget Anthony Kim’s blinged out monogrammed belt buckle! I suppose with golf lessons coming up and a half marathon later this fall, this topic of being fashionably sporty has been on my mind. I remember the kinesiology majors in university wore track suits and running shoes and nobody looked cute. Even Sue Sylvester on Glee wears those horrid track suits and they do nothing for her figure or complexion. Sports fashion used to be boring and maybe until you reach the ranks of the Sharapovas or Rondos you have to be boring to be taken seriously, but with anything, I believe a little creativity and self-expression can take you a long way in keeping your spirits up and your confidence intact. So wear bright colours, mix and match patterns, or coordinate every last bit of your outfit and you’ll find an extra spring in your step as you head out to face your opponent.


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