1st row: Philips Senseo One Cup Coffee Maker in various colors

2nd row: Keurig Brewer Platinum / Keurig Mini Brewer in White & Red / Keurig Mini Plus in Platinum

3rd row: Bosch Tassimo / Nescafe & Krups Dolce Gusto / Breville Single K cup / Nespresso Coffee Maker

4th row: Concept coffee maker by Kamil Kurka / Flavia Fusion / Podi Single Serve / Bugatti Coffee Machines in Pink & Yellow

Although I am not the most avid coffee-drinker, I am currently on a search for the perfect coffee machine. I have decided that my days of sheepishly offering water or juice boxes to my houseguests are numbered! However, as a keen baker with a range of fun but large kitchen toys, counter space is a precious commodity; therefore, I have concluded that a single cup coffee maker will be the ideal solution to end my caffeine drought. But, who knew I would be met with so many style and color choices! There is a plethora of options for coffee consumers…and I’m not even looking at espresso machines (of which there are a multitude of high-tech and boldly architectural choices). Now, if you ask me about the functionality and “specs” of these various machines, you will be met with a blank stare but ask me about the stylish selections to accessorize your kitchen with and I can be your personal saleswoman! There is an abundance of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from and I find myself overwhelmed with the desire to purchase one of each brand! Why, I could even start my own café…perhaps become a barista…get matching aprons…! Ok, I shall calm down now. But honestly, who knew shopping for home appliances could be so fun and dare I say…fashionable! When it comes to the single cup coffee makers, they do not differ much in functionality so all you are left to base your decision upon is: what kind of coffee options are available for that specific brand (k-cups, pods, t-discs, brand-specific single serve shots, etc.) and (the fun part) what look you like best. A fresh “cup-o-joe” has never looked so chic! I am now extra excited that I will be able to permanently park my new coffee maker on display for all to enjoy! Well, once I am able to decide on which one that is…which one would you recommend?


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