A Beauty Product Junkie’s Top Picks, Part II

Last week I shared my top cleansing and face makeup products and today I end with my top picks for blush, mascara, eyeshadows, and lip colour. So here it is…

I didn’t start playing with blush until a few years ago and I can’t figure out why because now it’s a definite must in my makeup routine. I’ll skip eyeshadow and lipgloss, but I can’t let go of blush and mascara. There’s something about adding a flush of pink or peach that brightens up your entire face. I’ve come across a few blushes that work well, both in pinks and peachy hues. Smashbox’s O-Glow is a really fun product (with a clever name) that uses a technology in which a clear, creamy product reacts with your skin’s chemistry to create your natural blush. It’s pretty foolproof and easy to correct any errors, but does seem to require more product than you would guess. A standard in many makeup cases is Benefit’s Benetint. This one doubles as a lip tint which is a bonus and gives you a long-lasting rosy glow, but does require a little getting used to and needs some extra blending. My pink blush du jour is Bare Minerals Fruit Cocktail. It’s a soft and pretty pink that gives your cheeks a natural glow and is great for all skin types. Finally, a makeup artist and celeb favorite is the peachy and um, cheeky, Orgasm by Nars. I think the name explains it all.
I’ve come to the conclusion that mascara is a difficult product. There are so many brush types, price ranges, and claims. The one thing I do know for sure is that an eyelash curler is a must and there are none better than the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I’m not sure if it’s the eyelash curler pad or the springs in the curler, but this one curls in a far superior way that I haven’t seen repeated. Going back to mascaras, I say it’s a difficult product because of all the makeup products, I think it’s the most personal to you. Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara is probably the most widely sold mascara, but I does nothing for my stubby eyelashes. I’ve had better luck with Dior’s DiorShow mascara and Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash mascara, but I’ve also had great results with drugstore brands like L’Oreal and their Telescopic and Voluminous versions. My word of advice is to save the bucks here and experiment with L’Oreal, Rimmel, Maybelline, and Cover Girl.

When it comes to eye colour, I tend to steer towards natural browns like the Kalahari duo by Nars, but over the years I’ve discovered a few other fun colours. Purples are usually a good bet because I have brown eyes and I really like MAC’s Dovefeather, a more subdued greyish purple, and Trax, a brighter gold-flecked purple. I’ve also worn a golden, olive green named Sumptuous Olive both as an eyeshadow and as a liner to Laura Mercier’s Rose Gold, a beautiful, creamy golden rose hue. Finally, a must-have is MAC’s Black-Tied, a shimmery black shadow great for creating smoky looks or to use as a softer, smudgier liner. Of course, any make-up counter will let you experiment with colours, but I tend to steer back to shadows by MAC and Nars because they have a great silky texture and strong pigment.
Finally, we come to the area that I have poorly neglected lately. I’ve given up on lipstick because it dries out my lips and I refuse to have flaky, colour-smudged puckers. I also find lipstick to be overpowering so I’ve been using lipglosses by Too Faced, Dior, and MAC, but I have yet to really find something that I love. One lipstick I will leave you with is MAC’s Fresh Brew–paired with a clear lipgloss, it’s the best nude colour I’ve come across in a long time.
There you have it! The best of all the years of experimenting and discovering as well as throwing out of beauty products I’ve encountered. Don’t forget to comment with your fave products and if  you have a fabulous lip product let me know!


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2 responses to “A Beauty Product Junkie’s Top Picks, Part II

  1. Jamie

    Shu Uemura definitely has the best eyelash curlers! I have both the standard sized one, and the small curler (about 1.5cm wide) which is great for creating extra flirty lashes!

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