It’s only the day after Canada day but I find myself bundled in sweaters and blankets as Calgary gets a gust (make that plural) of frigid Rocky Mountain wind…yesterday I was wearing a spaghetti strap sundress with flip flops and today I am rummaging through my drawers for turtlenecks (why do I even bother putting away my winter clothes in Alberta?? I never learn…). Well this is a very practical time for the stylish art of layering. As one who appreciates smooth textures and unrestricting shapes, I tend to fill my wardrobe with key layering pieces; not only does this build a cohesive wardrobe, it allows you to create multiple different looks with very few items of clothing. In order to avoid outfits that are bland and really more “errand-day” appropriate, be sure to play with unconventional color and texture combinations. Try pairing lace with wool or silk with jersey cotton for a fuss-free yet glamorous look. Also, remember that layering does not only apply to clothing so stack on seemingly unharmonious jewelry pieces for a delightful result (think boisterous costume necklaces over plain white cotton tees and bangles that range from Hermes to knots of thread or ribbon with plastic pearls…). If you’re unsure of how to pull of your layered look, start with a simple soft cotton tee under a boyfriend blazer then add a punchy scarf, a long strand of pearls, and your favourite pair of fitted jeans and you’ll be all set to go. The key to this style is that you create an effortless look that does not look like you’ve squeezed yourself into a stiff cast made of clothing! There should be movement and flow. Layering is ultimately about comfort and flexibility whilst looking fresh and tres current! Send us your latest layering looks, we love to see new combinations!


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