A Touch of the 70s

The sun decided to come out yesterday and grace us with some warm rays after a cloudy few days. Perfect for enjoying a drink, some homemade lager chips, and tales from a friend’s 3-month journey across Europe and Asia at a pub down the street.

Top: Zara; Vest: Dear Cashmere; Jeans: Seven

My boyfriend, who happily took these pictures, hates these jeans because he can’t see my feet in them and finds it really bizarre. These are actually maybe one of my favorite pairs because they are so much fun to wear and I got them hemmed really long on purpose so it makes me look very long and perhaps a little lean.

I also recently bought this Dear Cashmere vest at one of my favorite boutiques in Calgary: Mealan. Owned by a wonderful lady by the same name, the store carries an assortment of cute, funky, and sophisticated pieces from local and international designers. Not to mention a collection of eclectic accessories! I love this vest because it’s a terrific summer alternative to the cardi-wraps I wear all winter long. As a layering piece, it also adds a certain character to otherwise boring outfits.

Finally, just to prove that I do indeed have feet and they’re wearing the most versatile leather wedges!

Shoes: Banana Republic

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2 responses to “A Touch of the 70s

  1. i’m rocking the late 40s today, so here’s to decades!

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