Ruffles & Audrey

I love Audrey. Her quiet beauty, sophistication, grace, and compassionate spirit are qualities I can only hope to capture with the experience we call life. Her style was uniquely hers because she was tall and slim and didn’t possess the same curves as her counterparts like Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. Instead of emulating popular style, Audrey had en eye for exactly what would work best for her and chose classic silhouettes with fine tailoring. Her wardrobe staples were slim slacks, simple tees and blouses, full skirts, and great coats all paired with polished leather flats.

When I came across this silk skirt, I instantly knew I had to have it because it reminded me of something Audrey’s Princess Ann in Roman Holiday would wear on her day out with the rakish Joe Bradley. Although I normally pair it with a crisp, white top à la Audrey, I decided to try something fun and pair the skirt with a ruffled top. Throughout the day I changed my mind and decided I didn’t like the top with the skirt because it took away from the skirt, but after taking these pictures I changed my mind again and thought it added a certain je ne sais quoi to the outfit.

Jacket/blouse: F21; silk skirt: Tristan; shoes: Bobbi Blu

Also one of my most favorite finds, these sandals were on the sale rack at Town Shoes and their unique design with a hint of a bygone era caught my eye. I love everything about them: the combination of greys and green, the cutout circles, and the diagonal straps which don’t cut off my legs. They are perfect for my Audrey inspired ensemble.

Watch: LoveNailTree

I leave you with some style advice: “You have to look at yourself objectively, as if you were some kind of tool, and then decide exactly what you must do.” -Audrey Hepburn

Have a great weekend and for those of you in Calgary, Happy Stampedin’!

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