My appreciation for art, particularly abstract art, most likely stems from the same spring as my love for fashion. The beauty of both art forms lies in the freedom of expression and the “artist’s” unrestricted ability to convey their thoughts, emotions, feelings, or even lack thereof. BUT of course, not all art (nor fashion) is created equal… there are significant factors that differentiate “good” art from the rest. Things like composition (arrangement of visual elements in order to create aesthetic balance) and color (the blending of color combinations) are harmonized in various ways to create an outcome that is sometimes genius and other times, not so much. Composition and color are also key components when putting together your outfit; whether this is done consciously or not, these factors will effect the strength of your look. Keep in mind that composition does not mean things must necessarily be symmetrical and color does not mean that the combination must be predictable or even always complimentary.

Above are two of my ultimate favourite artists who are experts in composition and color, respectively: Piet Mondrian & Mark Rothko

Appreciating art at MOMA

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  1. cannot believe i’ve never been to MOMA. and i love abstract art as well.

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