Raindrops Are Falling on My Head

Okay, so at the moment raindrops are not falling on my head, but we’ve had a roller coaster ride in terms of weather this week with intense sun, heavy rainstorms, and golf ball-sized hail. I suppose being one of those rare born and raised Calgarians I should be used to experiencing all four seasons in a single day, but all the rain Calgary has been having is pretty new for this normally dry city. Rain boots are a really fun addition to one’s shoe collection with the myriad of styles, designs, and colours available. They also come in a wide range of price points so you don’t necessarily have to break your piggy bank to add them to your wardrobe.

Not really sure how to wear rain boots?  One of the easiest ways to wear them is with jeans tucked inside, just like you would with riding boots in the fall and winter. Add a cozy sweater and scarf and you’re good to go! Raining on a warmer day? You can also pair rain boots with shorts or skirts. Play around with some longer socks that peek over the top of the boots to add a playful touch.

Boots: Chanel; Shorts: Club Monaco; Shirt: Jacob; Brooch: somewhere in Korea

Aren’t these boots to-die-for? After brunch with Nahri a few months ago, we ventured into Chanel and instantly fell in love. How could we not? These rain boots have heels and camellias! Lucky for me, the last pair they had were my size and Nahri has to wear them vicariously through me. Although I can pair these with a pencil skirt and some textured tights for work appropriate wear, they’re also really versatile and go well with pretty much anything.
Boots: Joe Fresh; Cardigan and top: Banana Republic; Jeans: Blank via Aritzia; Ring: Steeling Home

I clearly had too much fun in the last photo session, but with blue and yellow polka dot boots how could I not be a little kid for a few moments? Whether you choose brightly coloured Chooka boots or the more traditional styles from Hunter and Tretorn, try them out with rolled up jeans, leggings, or a trench coat as a dress, but most importantly, have fun and don’t forget to jump into a puddle!


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2 responses to “Raindrops Are Falling on My Head

  1. Ana

    I want some of these magical boots, nowww:))
    About my jewelry, I dunno, from where I find them, vintage stores, thrift sotres and all kind of shops:)


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