As much as I like fussing over even the smallest facets of my outfit, I must admit that I am not so detail-oriented when it comes to my hair…in fact, I don’t even own a hair brush! Luckily, my hair is pretty low maintenance and I compliment this with the hairstyles I choose. So in order to “jazz” up my hair without fussing with blow dryers, hair rollers, and straighteners on an average day, I have collected a pretty arsenal of hair accessories ~ namely, hairbands. There is a wide array of fabulous hairbands to choose from these days, especially post-Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. There are sparkly and chic beret style bands, ribbons in a plethora of colors and sizes, and of course my favorite, flower blooms. It is amazing how a simple hair accessory can enhance an otherwise bland outfit or a bad hair day!

The bottom right square of the above collage contains a collection of hair combs that I made with multi-colored flower petals. What do you think?

I love how these two hairbands are both gold yet create a completely different vibe. The gold studding on the top band injects a bit of rocker glam into the typically girly ribbon whereas the bottom ribbon is definitely the epitome of feminine flounce.


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