She who would search for pearls must dive below…

On a lunch date with a friend yesterday, she mentioned that she liked my “pearls” (silver beads) from Tiffany & Co. We briefly chatted about how pearls can be “old”, especially paired with certain work wear.  Walking back to my office full on tofu green curry, I thought about that chat and wondered how many women shied away from pearls precisely for that reason. And then I got to thinking about all the different ways pearls can be worn and all the pearl alternatives like my strand of silver beads. So here I am with some ideas on how to incorporate pearls into your wardrobe without being “old”.

Pearly beads

Pearls are actually quite versatile and you can come up with a lot of creative ways to wear them. You can wear them traditionally– single-stranded or even three-stranded like the most stylish First Lady Jackie Kennedy did. The opera length pearl necklaces have become quite popular and worn doubled with a simple tee and jeans is a favorite look for many. You can also play with different colours of pearls and mix and match lengths. Try wearing the gems with unexpected pieces like military inspired jackets or contrast edgier looks with multiple strands. Another way to infuse a youthful look to pearls is to wear them with a flash of bright colour and a subtle way to add them to your outfit is through earrings. Not convinced? Try accessories that combine pearls or pearlesque beads with chains, ribbons, crystals, and other stones for a more modern look. Not going to be persuaded? There are many alternatives to pearls from gemstone beads like onyx to gold beads.

You can invest in some really great cultured pearls that’ll last you a lifetime and get passed along to your daughters and granddaughters, but other options are available for budget-friendly wallets like freshwater pearls, liquid glass pearls, and plastic among others. Try out a new look this weekend and oh, don’t forget to raid your own mothers’ and grandmothers’ jewelry boxes for some vintage pearls!

Top: via Ruche; Pants: Club Monaco; Sandals: Theory; Necklaces: Club Monaco
Blazer: somewhere in Korea; Jeans: Blank via Aritzia; Shoes: Nine West; Necklace: TiffanySkirt: Jacob; Shoes: Arnold Churgin; Necklace (worn as bracelet): Banana Republic



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4 responses to “She who would search for pearls must dive below…

  1. Ana

    OmG I love these necklaces, they are so so cool and feminine:)
    Love love love them:)

  2. Your blog is lovely. Great photos.

  3. Jamie

    Great blog! Love the tiffany beads and the Chanel Pearl necklace!

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