Print Mixing

I’m not a print mixer. I like colour and I like prints, but I’m never really inclined to mix prints however subtle they may be. Last weekend I visited my parents in Vancouver and we took a day trip to Victoria where we spent a couple hours at The Butchart Gardens. It was a visual overload on beautiful colours, shapes, and prints– yes, prints on petals! Here are a few pictures from the many I took:

Still riding on the sensory stimulation, I decided to be bold and try something new by mixing prints. If you’re like me and and need a little thought before mixing, try choosing a base colour like blue and mix prints in different hues of blue or extend into blue-based colours like teal. Once you’re comfortable mixing prints of similar colours, be a little more adventurous. If your red printed top has some navy in it, pair it with a navy printed bottom. Finally, for something more daring, pair complementary colours together. For example, take a yellow printed top and match it with purple printed skirt or mix blues and oranges together. Not sure if flowers should mix with polka dots or if mottled colours should mix with stripes? In the world of print mixing, I believe everything is fair game as long as some cohesion exists.

Top: Banana Republic; Skirt: via ModCloth; Shoes: via Nine West

Top: Old Navy; Skirt and belt (worn as bracelet): Banana Republic; Necklace: Tibetan market in India

Shoes: via ModCloth

While you’re mixing prints, don’t forget to also play around with accessories like necklaces, scarves, and belts as they can be the key items that pull your prints together. Trial and error, practice makes perfect– mantras I follow for print mixing as there really are no hard and fast rules to this art form. Happy mixing!



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2 responses to “Print Mixing

  1. Beautiful! Another great post!

  2. Sammy

    What a fabulous post!! Full of great tips.

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