“It’s my party, I can wear what I want to…”

With my birthday just around the corner, I find myself faced with a familiar conundrum…what to wear? With the wide range of fashion styles to choose from, the modern man or woman has the freedom to change his or her visual identity on a daily basis. A guy can go to work as the corporate suit and then meet up with his friends for a beer looking like he never left college…athough some of those varsity sweaters are best left in that basement box labelled “nostalgia” ~ but I digress!  This quick-change ability is most pertinent when it comes to women…depending on her mood, she can adopt an extensive range of personas simply through her outfit choice. I find myself ranging between, what I like to call, the “Four F’s” – Feminine, Flirty, Fabulous, and (keeping it true to reality) Frumpy. Depending on the occasion or the specific company, I will choose what image I want to wear, literally and metaphorically. Well, just like that classic song by Lesley Gore states, “it’s my party and I can cry if I want to,” it is my party this weekend and I can wear whatever I want…so then I am faced with the predicament of choice. There has been much development on the everywoman over the course of history up until now ~ and while I am not suited to speak on social feminist issues, I definitely see the effects from a fashionista’s point of view; the eclectic fashion of today allows women to take on a variety of roles within society that may have once seemed contradictory and unharmonious. I can be a fearless business woman during the day with my razor-sharp suit, channel the likes of a dainty damsel for lunch with mom in a pastel ruffle dress, bat my lashes wearing 5-inch red stillettos for a girls night out, and then curl up at home for some R&R in a raggedy oversized tee! Putting this down in writing makes me realize that I would have been diagnosed with multiple-personality-disorder back in the day…! But today, this is called personal perogative! So why not indulge?

So please help me practice my perogative this weekend…what look do you like best?


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3 responses to ““It’s my party, I can wear what I want to…”

  1. Ana

    you look awesome in all the three looks so fash and feminine:)

    Love them all:*

  2. jenny

    hey fabulous! what did you go with?

  3. Thanks everyone for helping me decide!! I actually ended up going with a more relaxed version of fabulous…I said no to the cocktail dress and (of course) YES to the sparkle…will post a pic soon!

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