Swaddled in Silk

*** Shout out to my amazing girlfriend, Tess, thanks for being my gorgeous model this week! Isn’t she stunning? ***

I am a sucker for accessories ~ and I do not discriminate, I will pile on bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, you name it! But sometimes, I strip away all the sparkles, metals, and diamonds to make way for The Scarf. I believe that the scarf is highly underrated here in North America. One cannot stroll for long on the streets of Paris, London, or Rome without spotting a handful of women adorned with gorgeous silk scarves. Let me add a note of clarification, there is an abundance of full-size pashmina-style scarves out there in a medley of colors and cotton-blends, especially in Canada where the warmth of a scarf does wonders. But unless you work for an airline company, how often have you reached for a fine piece of silk to add to your outfit? I must admit, it is a tricky look to pull off if you are not familiar with it…and unfortunately it sometimes carries the connotation of seeming a little  “frou-frou” but I tell you, a touch of silk is a beautiful thing! Plus, a pretty scarf will usually steal the spotlight and instantly inject a wow-factor to an otherwise bland outfit; if you have yet to notice, I am the biggest advocate of what I like to call “easy-chic” aka. no-fuss fashion. Depending on the shape and style of the scarf, it can add a touch of femininity, elegance, or  sophistication. When choosing a scarf, pay particular attention to the way the fabric drapes as this is the key to a well-worn piece. If you are a scarf-a-phob, take baby steps by first incorporating a long scarf to your wardrobe (opt for a thinner width to avoid the overly casual style…which I also love, but sometimes a thick cotton scarf just wont cut it) then slowly start experimenting with shorter and bolder scarves that really make a statement. Give your necklaces the day off and try swaddling yourself in some silk!

This otherwise boring black outfit really makes a statement because of a commanding little silk scarf, how much easier can putting together an outfit get!

A solid neutral colored scarf like this is a wardrobe necessity as it can be worn with virtually everything! Also, you can choose to focus your outfit around the scarf or use it to complement bolder statements.

And now, I leave you with my current favorite scarf (Versace)…


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  1. I also love The Scarf. That Louis Vuitton signature embossed square scarf is so classy and gorge!

    My collection is so outdated. I think I really need a scarf update. 😦

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