Heart Oiseau

I am usually pretty simple when it comes to accessories, particularly with jewellery. Occasionally, something will catch my eye whether it is a piece of statement jewellery or something pretty and sweet. It seems that someone else has taken over my fashion sense for the months of July and August as I find myself experimenting (i.e., print mixing) and grasping for all kinds of accessories (e.g., chunky bracelets and vintage necklaces). How fitting then, to come across an online jewellery boutique based in Calgary named Heart Oiseau (so clever—oiseau is bird in French… a play on the word lovebird perhaps?). I discovered a collection of romantic and charming pieces as I perused their website and I needed to find out more.

Like Style Atelier, Oiseau is the brainchild of two friends with an innate sense of style and love for fashion. Both ladies have degrees in business and with a few years of work in their respective fields, it was not long before the urge to combine their business savvy with a creative outlet was ignited. Their love for fashion met with their love for travel and with some encouragement, they hopped on a plane and flew half way across the world to begin their global hunt for fabulous accessories.

Oiseau’s first collection all the way from the markets of Taiwan showcases long, delicate chains adorned with delightful charms, beads, and ribbon. The whimsical necklaces reacquaint us with well-loved stories like Alice in Wonderland and The Little Prince, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes while creating an old world feel with vintage key shapes and letter envelopes.

(Bicyclette, The Only Key You’ll Need, Teddy Bear Picnic. All images courtesy of Heart Oiseau).

With one-half of the duo behind Oiseau currently based in London and a budding jewellery designer in the mix, they are the perfect duo to source international accessories trends and original collections. I am excited to see their future collections and new finds from all parts of the world . If you’re in Calgary on September 12th, be sure to find Heart Oiseau at the Haultain and First Street Festival! You can also visit them online: Heart Oiseau.



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