Ramblings of a fashion-conscious-foodie…

Afternoon Tea with hubby at The Ritz in London

If my love for fashion has a close rival, it would have to be food. I am a self-proclaimed “foodie” and as a result, all my vacations are planned around the food that we (referring to my partner-in-crime & hubby) want to eat. We have been fortunate enough to try out many gastronomical treasures in the metropolitan hubs including Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris, and of course Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Out of all these delightful eateries, a handful remain vivid in our memories and our stomachs! For an extensive review of our food adventures, contact me to be directed to our personal food blog. But for the purposes of Inspire Desire, I have chosen to highlight the most “chic” eating experience I have had so far…I started this blog as a forum to share all things that inspire my fashionable side of life and I must say that, albeit unlikely,  Afternoon Tea at The Ritz tops the charts for most inspirational. It was there in London that I was reminded of the fashionable business of etiquette. After being ushered to our seats by a genuine penguin tuxedo, I was able to take in all the forms of beauty that surrounded my senses. Everything from the pink and gold guilded walls and Old English furniture to the polished silverware and tea sets (not to mention the artistry of the food) made me realize that fashion permeates everything. I sat there pondering the likelihood of Christopher Bailey sipping his tea then suddenly envisioning his fall collection inspired by the formation of the green tea leaves at the bottom of his fine bone china…okay, so most likely not! But the point is, I felt a renewed sense of inspiration for the history that fuels such aesthetic beauty. Ever wonder how the “black tie event” came to being? Or the dinner jacket? While traveling through Europe, I realized that there is such a rich history behind so many of the things we simply take for granted today. I have vowed since to be reverent of how all fashion “trends” come into being in order to gain full appreciation for the art form of fashion. Ask yourself, “where does my fashion sense (or lack thereof) stem from?” This reflection may inspire you to revise, renew, and re-create history to yield a fabulous result! Remember that fashion is cyclical therefore what was once old will, with a nip here and a tug there, be new again! Wow, I have managed to make fashion dorky, who knew that was possible?! All this to say that I truly loved my British scones and devonshire cream! Yum!

I cannot conclude a post about food without including our most beloved restaurant, Babbo…


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  1. ANA

    you seem to be having lots of fun:) plus I really need some cakes right now;)

    Lots of hugs

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