Caitlin Power at Mealan

Calgary is a city notorious for extreme weather conditions, probably for the better part of the year. Though far and few between, long winters are saved by chinooks (warm winds) that bring us much-needed warmth and sunshine. It is not unusual to have snowfalls in May, summers are short– give or take 2 months, and fall is also pretty non-existent. (Despite the horrid climate description it’s really not that bad…) It was no surprise then, when September 1st rolled around it was already nippy. It seemed fitting enough for the evening’s Caitlin Power fall preview at Mealan.

I rummaged around for some textured black tights, pulled on my striped wool shorts with suspenders (still holding onto some form of summer?), draped some pearl strands, and applied some red lipstick for my take on a fall, feminine, menswear look. I zipped up my grey and black booties, grabbed a light-weight wool jacket and headed down the street to be inspired by some of Caitlin’s fall looks. (How’s my description? Taking a cue from The Considered Ensemble and trying a word-only outfit post although this post is about more than my outfit).

Mealan is always exciting to walk into. The nautical themed navy and white boutique is airy, bright, and welcoming. This night was no different, only buzzing with excitement and bustling with Caitlin Power supporters.

Guests sipped on crisp, white wine and nibbled on refreshments as models got busy for the preview. Caitlin had shown her F/W 2010 collection at Alberta Fashion Week which I missed, so I was looking forward to the show and I was not disappointed. The looks showcased that evening were compelling, feminine, and luxurious with strong shoulders and soft silhouettes in burgundy velvet, black wool, and black lace. The juxtaposition between men’s tailoring and delicate details brought to mind a sexy and powerful woman.I apologize for my poor quality photos, but it was difficult to take amazing pictures with a little point and shoot. I am excited that talent of this caliber is coming out of Calgary and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Caitlin’s work. In the meantime, you can see the entire collection on Caitlin’s website.

The delightful and talented young designer.

Have a terrific long weekend, everyone!

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