Transition out of Limbo

While some seasons seamlessly shift from one to the next (fall to winter and spring to summer), other changes in season are much more distinct in temperature, mood, and fashion. Therefore, a transitional phase always seems necessary between summer to fall and winter to spring. My favourite season being summer, I find it hard to let go of my beloved sundresses, shorts, and tank tops and finally admit that the season is coming to an end. But just because there is a cold front blowing through, it doesn’t mean you need to pack away your balmy gear just yet! With a few additions here and there, your favorite summer wear can be worn well into fall before finally retiring for winter. In the picture above, I have demonstrated how to add substance to the silky summer floral dress and sandals. By adding a heavier cardigan (I opted for a short sleeve on this particular day but long sleeve works just as well) and structured belt, the delicate dress becomes cool weather appropriate while maintaining a burst of warm color. Some people consider the wearing of tights and sandals a major faux pas and even I approach it with a degree of hesitation but in some cases I think it works very well. In order to postpone having to dig out my winter boots, I gave my summer sandals one last stroll by adding opaque tights of the same hue which allows for a seamless blend between the tights and sandals, almost conjuring up images of boots while maintaining an airier feel that seems most appropriate for the beginning of fall. A floral printed summer dress is a great way to break up the blandness of an otherwise plain sweater + pants combo that is prevalent in the fall.

Here I am refusing to give up the ultimate summer outfit: shorts and tank, but I have “remixed” it for the fall. You can still get away with wearing shorts (even without tights in this case) and sleeveless tops but make sure to choose fabrics that are more on the dressy side to avoid looking like you’re headed to Newport Beach when it’s in fact only 15 degrees Celsius! I have added a few ingredients to transition my favourite summer outfit into fall; I topped my silk tank with a 3/4 sleeve leather jacket for warmth and I opted to balance out my bare legs with suede knee-high boots. This is the best time to sport suede shoes as they look weather appropriate and will not be ruined by snow and slush. Finally, I finished this transitional look with the ultimate fall accessory, the scarf. I know I will be wrapped in plenty of wool and cashmere soon enough so I decided to stick with a light silk scarf but made sure it kept with the cooler temperament of the overall look. If summer is the lighthearted, flirty, and carefree spirit, then fall seems to be the more mature, demure, and sophisticated older sibling. That’s not to say that fall is not just as fun! Definitely not ~ so I guess there is a silver lining to this brisk (ok, if you also living in Calgary, then you know this is simply a euphemism for C-O-L-D!) weather after all!


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2 responses to “Transition out of Limbo

  1. Michelle

    Love love love the looks. Where are your pieces from?

  2. Thanks!! Here is a breakdown of my outfits:

    Black cardigan by Vince
    Fuchsia silk dress from Club Monaco
    Faux snakeskin belt from Jacob
    Black Chanel purse
    Black stretch sandals by Michael Kors

    Pale blue silk tank top by Wilfred
    Black scarf by Fendi
    Black dress shorts from Aritzia
    Leather jacket from a boutique in Korea
    Aviator sunglasses by Chanel
    Suede boots from Browns Shoes

    I’d love to see YOUR transitional looks as well! Email me:

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