Just Whistle While You Work

A quick post about what I wore to work yesterday… My work outfits aren’t usually very outstanding as often it’s too much of a hassle to try and coordinate cute looks when there’s no one around to appreciate them. I was feeling a little more inspired yesterday as I put together an outfit that included a textured skirt and a simple shirt dress, both in silk.

Jacket: Liquid via Mealan; Shirt dress: Quicksilver via Purr

As Nahri posted about on Monday, the beginning of fall is indeed a transitional phase and both of these pieces work easily into my fall wardrobe. The skirt is heavier than a flimsy silk one due to the extra fabric texturizing calls for and the colour of the shirt fits seamlessly into a cooler and darker colour palette.

Skirt: Kay Park via Mealan; Tights: Banana Republic; Socks: Nine West; Boots: Frye

Add in brown metallic tights, a peep of argyle knee-highs, brown boots, a light wool jacket and I’m ready for a fun day at work that includes a delicious lunch of Montreal smoked meat sandwiches with the boyfriend. (If you haven’t already, try Myhre’s Deli for some pretty authentic smoked meat sandwiches with a Boylan soda– deeelish!)

While we adjust to the change in season, I am sure you will see many more transitional outfits from us. In the mean time, have a little fun and whistle while you work!

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