Jeanetics 101

What kind of fashion blog would this be if I neglected to write about the most widely worn and loved apparel: jeans. To be honest, I am not one to sport jeans on a regular basis and I am still on the search for the illusive pair that will make me a jean-believer. But I do admit that, at times, nothing beats the comfort of perfectly worn-in denim. Before you can get to this point of blue-jean-bliss, you will have to overcome the painstaking hurdle of finding the right fit. There are a couple things I will avoid like the plague: going to see the dentist and shopping for swimsuits or a new pair of jeans. So for those of you who feel my pain, I thought I would over-simplify the choices that are out there today (of which there are an overwhelming abundance).

* Skinny: Fitted from top to bottom, ideal for the long-legged & lean (neither of which describe me but I own a few pairs anyway!). Best for layering (as an alternative to leggings…hence “jeggings”) and wearing tucked into boots.

Straight: Same width at the thigh, knee, and leg opening. Slims and lengthens, especially on petite figures. If you’re seeking a dressier pair of jeans, opt for a dark wash straight leg for a sleek look.

Boot Cut: Slightly flared at the bottom. This classic shape is flattering on most body types. If you are curvier, then this may be a better alternative to the skinny or straight leg.

* Flare: Narrower at the knee with a flared leg opening. Depending on the size of the flare, it may overwhelm a petite figure so this fit works best on taller body types.

Trouser: Fuller leg from the hip down, wider hem. Pair with a fitted top to balance out the wide leg. This comfortable and versatile fit will lengthen and balance out larger hips and thighs but may have the opposite effect on shorter bodies if the fit is too tight.

* Boyfriend Jeans: These are basically the shape of men’s relaxed jeans that have been modified to fit women. The fit is very slouchy and casual in nature and can be easily worn by boyish petite figures. Try rolling up the cuffs and choose a fitted or feminine top to offset the masculinity.

* The Skinny, Flare, and Boyfriend Jeans are much more trend-driven shapes and tend to go in and out of style on a dime. So if you are looking for a long-term investment, opt for the classic Boot Cut silhouette.

(TOP ROW: The Gap / True Religion / Robin’s Jeans)

(BOTTOM ROW: Rock & Republic / Rock & Republic / J Brand)

The reason why it is so challenging to find a great fitting pair of jeans is because there are so many factors involved…I have listed a very basic guideline above but there are other major points to consider such as the rise of the waist (high, regular, low, super low), material, color, and detailing ~ all of which affect the overall look. Like the adage goes, rules are meant to be broken so take these “guidelines” as a starting point but then it’s up to you to experiment and see what works. I mean, I own many pairs of jeans that are not my “ideal” fit but hey, a girl wants what a girl wants! I will leave you with just a few hints to help you on your quest: softer jeans that contain a little stretch are not only comfortable but will help accentuate curves (or lack thereof) whereas thicker and stiffer jeans will secure and flatten unwanted bumps. Also, remember that you only want embellishments on focal areas…so if the booty is not your best feature, you may not want to pick the Swarovski crystal studded pockets. Also, the placement of the back pockets (wide-set, narrow, high, low) will impact the look of the derriere. Sometimes, it’s all about trial and error so take a reliable friend, wear some comfortable shoes, and best of luck! If you would like some hands-on help to get out of your denim daze, contact Style Atelier for a free consultation:

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