Back to the Classics

Angela and I were invited to the Brooks Brothers Grand Opening in Calgary last week. This exquisitely tailored retailer renewed in us a sense of tradition, classic refinement, and a rich sense of history. The three levels consisted of men’s casual wear (lower), women’s wear and children’s wear (main), and men’s suiting (upper). More impressive than the clean lines and quality textures, was the elegant yet bold interior decorating. All of the furniture and fixtures are specially made for Brooks Brothers and the meticulous attention to detail seemed to be indicative of the craftsmanship that goes into all the articles of clothing, shoes, luggage, and accessories. As the oldest retailer in the country (since 1818), Brooks Brothers is an American icon and the style is reflective of this proud title. While the clothing definitely portrays a niche group of “upper class” (I found my spine unconsciously straightening as I treaded through the cashmeres and pinstripes), there is something to be said about injecting at least a dash of classic/timeless/corporate/preppy (call it what you want) into any wardrobe to remind yourself of those “good ol’ North American values”…and if not anything else, it is an essential source for men ~ all of whom (regardless of job title) could benefit from a crisp suit, clean dress shirt, and colorful tie (make that plural, there is a plethora of beautiful silk and cotton ties to choose from). Brooks Brothers offers custom tailoring where men can choose everything from their dress shirt collar to the cuff!

Image Courtesy of Brooks Brothers


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