Savvy Jet-setting

I have just finished packing for an extended-weekend getaway to ~ ching-ching-ching ~ Las Vegas! I must say that I like to think of myself as somewhat of a “packing connoisseur” and my specialty is carry-on luggage! After overcoming the feat of packing only a carry-on luggage for my three-week trip to Europe (which included four cities of varying climates), I feel like I can proudly hold the title of “savvy jet-setter extraordinaire!” Here are a few tips I always employ:

Starting  with the photos above (clockwise from top left):

1. Keep a supply of travel-sized  toiletries (under 100ml). This is the main reason I hoard free makeup and perfume samples, it’s perfect for short trips! Avoid stressful airport security by placing all liquids (that includes lotions, mascara, and even lip gloss) in a sealable bag (Ziplock bags are your best friend). Ladies, limit your makeup to the essentials, a new territory is not a place to experiment with new color palettes!

2. Protect your purse and other small valuables during transit (from damage AND airport theft ~ traveling can be a hectic situation) by placing it in a larger and lightweight bag (Le Sportsac is my go-to source). This brings me to another tip: I always pack a large Le Sportsac duffel bag which compacts down to the size of a softball JUST INCASE my belongings expand during the trip (okay, so I said I was good at compact packing for a trip but returning is a different story…shopping is in my blood!)…

3. I use smaller compartments to pack my clothes in order to shrink the volume (vacuum seal bags are also an option) and this keeps my delicate silks and dresses from being tossed around and wrinkled en route. For the larger items (such as jeans or sweaters), I use the rolling technique.

3B. Also, I find that dresses are the most efficient way to pack light yet remain stylish. Choosing solid colors and simple designs will allow for multiple usage (just paired with different sweaters, shoes, and/or accessories). Most importantly, opt for materials that will not wrinkle (think jersey knits, spandex or lycra blends) and will provide major comfort factor. Although it depends on the purpose of your trip, try not to bring complex outfits, stick to basic pieces and instead focus on making stylish statements with jewelry and accessories…

4. Again, place small items such as hoisery, undergarments, swimsuits, etc. in a bag (that can double as a dirty laundry bag for the way back!). Protect any small bags/clutches by placing it in a cloth cover (shoe bags work well) and pack your shoes in large Ziplock bags to keep the rest of your suitcase contents clean. If you are running out of space for shoes, stuff individual shoes along the sides of the suitcase.

There are many more tips and tricks I’ve come across during my travels but these are a few to get you started. I always work off of a list as my brain usually tends to go on vacation-mode much too soon! Remember to pack your valuables (wallet, sunglasses, itinerary, camera, and passport!) the night before as your mind is bound to be distracted on travel day. Also, I always throw in a pair of flip-flops for the hotel room…you never know what’s in those carpets! Oh and reserve your bulkiest clothing items (and shoes) for travel day to make more room in your luggage! Okay, okay, I need to get back to packing! Do you have any travel tips? I’d love to hear, email me at

Boy Voyage!


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