Bonne Fête à Moi!

I turn the big 2-7 today… Maybe not as bad as some numbers, but I am no longer in my mid-twenties and probably need to tell people I’m in my late twenties now. I don’t know about you, but the minute I turned 25 my brain stopped processing age and when people ask me how old I am, I actually need to pause and think about it because in my mind I am forever 25. Not to be morbid, but now that I am 27, the 27 Club hits home as I realize how young the talented musicians really were. It’s really weird for me, actually. As a strange form of consolation, these musicians will be forever known for their talent and impact on the music industry.

This weekend I sported a new look for birthday drinks: head-to-toe silk.

Top and pants: Club Monaco; Clutch: Banana Republic; Shoes: Cole Haan

Silk requires a little more maintenance and attention than let’s say cotton, but I still love it and am a sucker for clothing made of silk or silk-like fabrics. It drapes on the body nicely, feels luxurious, pairs well with work clothes, and dresses up casual clothes very easily. You probably wouldn’t think of this as a work outfit, but paired with a blazer it stylishly fits right into the office. The other thing I love about silk is how much movement it has and it does not constrict you in any way. Much like pleated pants, there are lots of different styles of silk pants available. Again, I steer towards the skinny or straight leg shapes with a higher waist. Wear them cuffed with silk dress shirts, heeled oxfords, and blazers for a polished look or pair them with a funky top, tucked into booties  for a night out on the town.



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2 responses to “Bonne Fête à Moi!

  1. You are fabulous darlin! Keep up the fashion inspiration! xoxoox L

  2. David Aparicio

    i only get my women silk pants ,clothes,pj’s,panties,lined pants always keeps a smile on their face and mine! thanks

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