With the 2010-2011 hockey season officially in full swing as of this week, people are dusting off their jerseys and already making Stanley Cup predictions (albeit made with blatant favoritism!). Instead, I choose to examine any fashion changes from last year…no major changes this year~ out of the Canadian teams, only the Toronto Maple Leafs made a minor adjustment by adding a couple stripes to their basic (bland or classic, you be the judge) uniform. The NHL uses team uniforms as the primary means of mass marketing to the public and for me, as a fair-weather spectator (hey, no judging ~ this is the only way I can cope with the stressful highs and lows of a given hockey season!) the jerseys provide me with a visual image of a given team’s overall aura. For instance, anyone who’s studied basic color psychology knows that fiery red usually induces passion or anger ~ or just passionate anger (hence the expression “seeing red”) whereas blue is soothing, calming, and loved by all (we are all Canucks!) ~~~ OK OK, so I have allowed my personal biases to seep in…oops! Ah well, the blog balances out with 1 Canucks fan and 1 Flames fan (see, we CAN be harmonious!). Back to the jersey, each team has a home (dark) and away/road (light) and some have an alternate/third jersey. This third jersey is of particular interest to me as it began in 1995 as a means for teams to experiment with new designs or throwbacks to vintage styles. While the wearing of these alternate jerseys is heavily regulated by the league (who knew outfits mattered so much in hockey?!), some of them are the basis for new primary jersey designs. When a team wants to wear their third jersey, it sometimes forces the other team to wear their home jersey when the opposite would normally be worn due to the color of the third jersey ~ I find this oddly amusing as I picture Ovechkin calling up Crosby to coordinate outfits for the day! Ok, probably not QUITE how it goes down…! But funny nonetheless. Most of the team uniforms remain unchanged since 2008 which is when Reebok created a newer line of jerseys (Edge) that were tighter-fitting, less water-absorbent, and more flexible than before to allow players to be even more maneuverable on ice. What I would really like to know is, who gets to design all these jerseys and logos? While some of them are mildly pleasing to the visual senses, others are in definite need of a Style Atelier makeover! (This is where I bite my tongue and not mention any names…”I am neutral. I am Sweden……I am a Canuck!” Crap…) Which NHL team do you think has the best uniform? How about the worst? Just for fun, let’s do a poll based on the Canadian teams only and see what we get, shall we?



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  1. jenny

    fashionista turned sports writer? is there anything you can’t do?

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