Gloves Galore

Gloves are neglected items in many wardrobes. Truth is, gloves are really fun accessories and can really add the finishing touch to an outfit. They don’t need to be left to the boring black leather pair although a black pair is probably an essential. Venture away from black by looking for neutrals like brown, camel, grey, and forest green. If you’re looking at leather gloves, look for added details like perforated or woven leather. Don’t shy away from suede or gloves that combine suede and regular leather. If you have a coat with shorter sleeves, try elbow-length gloves or if weather permits, try a shorter than normal pair for added dimension and interest. Cashmere gloves and felt gloves with cute details like rhinestones or ribbons are great alternatives to leather gloves.

Big woolen mitts are great and fun to have for those cozy, bundled up days or for snowboarding/ski trips. Many commemorative ones are bright additions and add to the festive spirit.

Men, although there aren’t many options in terms of length of gloves, I find that designers produce some of the most interesting leather gloves for you. Attention to detail is key here so look for the little things like quality of leather (lambskin is the most supple), buttons and clasps, stitching, and texture. If you’re also not overly colourful in your wardrobe choices, gloves may be the perfect chance for you to infuse a little bit of colour. Try colours like burgundy, deep purple, dove grey, or even gradations!

men's gloves


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  1. i love wearing glovesto keep sun off or to keep hand warm

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