Stylish Suds


Images courtesy of Gianna Rose Atelier


When in doubt, I opt to decorate with my beloved apothecary jars (of varying shapes and sizes) ~ whether it be for a Christmas banquet (ornaments), a wedding reception (flowers), baby shower (candies), garden party (fruit), or bathrooms (bath salts, cotton balls, etc.), apothecary jars filled with simple household items can be wonderful display piece(s). For my ensuite, I wanted to fill the glass jars with some decorative soaps and  I soon came across the most exquisite collection of soaps at ~ who knew soap could be so luxurious…and expensive?! Despite the alluring scents and ingredients, these soaps would strictly be for display purposes only ~ especially considering that one bar of soap will cost you around $10 (minimum)! So then I started doing calculations of how many I would actually need to fill my jars…THEN I started getting annoyed. I mean, it’s just soap! “But look, the Robin’s eggs soaps already come in an apothecary jar, aw and a pretty ribbon on top! -Add to shopping cart- Wait, why do I need another glass gar? WAIT, am I really going to shell out $50 for 5 bloody pieces of soap I will never actually use?! But they’re so pretty…ooh look at the pink packaging! And yellow!” After I managed to silence Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I ended up walking away empty-handed, proud of myself yet dejected. Then I had a brilliant idea, why not make my own?! I mean, it’s just soap, how hard could it be? And a few hours later, voila! I managed to make my very first homemade soaps! Granted they’re not quite up to par with Gianna Rose Atelier but the fact that I created them myself  AND for a fraction of the retail cost leaves me a happy camper! Visions of mass producing and selling dance in my head~ for a moment! Until I notice the mess I’ve left on my kitchen island…sigh, behind the glamorous always lies much elbow grease! Below is a collage of my soap making adventure, I think the end result is not too shabby, what do you think?

Step 1: Get ingredients & tools

Step 2: Melt soap base (homemade or store-bought)  then add color(s) and fragrance(s)

Step 3: Pour into mold and let set

Step 4: Carefully remove soaps from mold and happy sudsing!


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