Amidst the flurry of life, I didn’t realize that it is already mid-fall…retailers are coaxing consumers into the winter months with cozy and more substantial pieces crowding the racks. Maybe it is the unusually nice weather but I find myself unable to delve into fall-winter fashions just yet! The fashion weeks around the world declared that the whimsical days of summer are definitely over as the runways were bombarded with commanding new* (nothing is truly new in our world of fashion is it?) trends for FALL 2010. Here are some recurring motifs:



The color palette this year is bold and fearless in a stern way ~ gold still reigns but is now reigned in by strong jewel tones that pop against onyx black (this year in sheer) which is always a staple color of fall fashion. Even the name of hues such as garnet and malachite sound dramatic! Try accenting your wardrobe this season with cobalt or sapphire, amethyst, emerald, bright red, and of course gold. If you are not quite ready to adorn such vivid gems tones, you can adopt the other end of the spectrum in camel or tan, which is also a popular color palette this season. Sometimes keeping track of so many “trends” gives me a headache ~ fashion week is a visual workout! For me, the best cure is to snub my nose at all so-called trends and take solace in personal style. Ultimately, no matter what is “popular” or “in”, we each have things that we love (color, style, fit, etc) and in the midst of the trend-hurricanes that come and go, such personal staples will keep us grounded. So, while I wanted to share what is circulating in fashion today, I wanted to emphasize that it is more important to be informed, take a gander, and then decide for yourself! This is why I decided to pose in pink and soft silk (which seem to be completely contrary to this year’s fall trends!) for the post. I may be “so-not-current” but hey, c’est la vie! I love what I love…

What trends will you adopt and which will you forego this fall?


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