Paper Folly

I think in a lot of ways I’m a little old-fashioned. I love the idea of writing, sending, and receiving real letters. Up until a year ago when I got my Blackberry, I penciled in my life on paper day timers. I still carry around a notebook just in case I need to jot down notes instead of just typing them into my BB. Not only that, I have a notebook for Style Atelier, one for Conglomerate, another for my day job, and I’m pretty sure if I physically attended the Academy of Art University instead of taking online classes, I would have a notebook for each and every one of my classes. There is something so satisfying about writing something out on a piece of paper. I used to collect stationery and notebooks. Every time I saw something unique I would feel the urge to add it to my collection (sometimes I still feel that need…). Things have changed a lot since then and it seems that these days stationery is very designer. I don’t know how else to describe it, but there are some elaborate and very beautiful stationery out there that reaches out the collector in me. One of my favorite stationers is Paper Source. They have the most divine paper, note cards, and decorative paper from different parts of the world.

Japanese and Nepalese paper from Paper Source. Images also via Paper Source.

Some of my favorite stationers in Calgary are Reid’s (710 17th Avenue SW) and The Social Page. Both have amazing selections of cards, invitations, gifts, and pens. Another favorite is Papyrus and the Calgary location on the 1st floor of TD Square is Canada’s first Papyrus retailer. Chapters and Indigo locations are also good places to browse and find some interesting notebooks.

For some reason, fancy paper and notebooks motivate me to be more inspired. I am inspired to write letters to long lost friends, to live my day to the fullest, to appreciate life that hums around me, to think creative things, to slow down and enjoy a good cup of coffee instead of gulping it down, to discover obscure things about design and fashion… I could go on and on. I haven’t done a lot of journaling, note jotting, or collaging as of late, but I have found it to be very therapeutic and it is something I would like to make a regular part of my life. I suppose that is my cue to exit and blow the dust off my journal… Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


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