As I indulged in my childhood guilty pleasure of macaroni & cheese this weekend, I suddenly had a vivid visual image of a friend from my Elementary School days ~ even then, she had a distinct signature style. She would always sport, head to toe, one color. Everything from her hair scrunchy down to her socks were the same bright color (reds, blues,oranges, and purples), each piece was always a little off in tone (this was the era before Tide came up with “keep your whites whiter and your brights brighter”, is that how it goes?!) but nonetheless, her point was made. Back then, I never had the urge to take her cue but I was always fascinated by her diligence. Spring forward to today (actually, it’s Fall Back, everyone remember to turn their clocks back yesterday?), I find myself bombarded with “D’s” fashion shtick on many of the Spring/Summer 2011 runways! And here I am, decades later, following in her fashion footsteps! For many, wearing all black is nothing unusual so instead try sporting this look with a more unexpected color in a variety of hues, you will be surprised at how many shades are contained in the same color family…AND this way, you know you will never clash! My favourite Spring/Summer 2011 designer looks came from Chloe, who has also adopted D’s (I will forever reference my childhood friend as the originator of this look!) fashion in a very romantic way. Despite the subtleties of the neutral color palette, the outcome is stunning:

*Images from various online sources

And remember, monochromatic outfits do not equal boring or monotone and if your end result turns out to be a little uninspired, try experimenting with bolder colors as Chanel (bottom) and Lanvin (top right)  have done OR mix together contrasting fabrics (this is the key to creating a winning monochromatic look. Try combining leather and silk or shiny with soft for a seemingly oxymoronic but well-balanced look) and/or shapes (structured with flowy) to amp up more subdued tones as Stella Mccartney has done with an ensemble in dusty rose (top left).

*Images from various online sources

Send in your “Monochromatic, Not Monotone” looks today!

We love to be inspired!

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