Online Savvy

Whether it is to actually shop or to simply find some inspiration, online shopping can be your best friend. With all the convenience of lounging at home in your jammies, clicking items into your shopping cart then waiting for the courier to deliver, there couldn’t be an easier way to shop. What about information security? What about sizing? What if it’s not what I expected? When you first embark on online shopping it can be a little daunting, but with a few tips on what to look out for, it can open up a myriad of shopping possibilities that you simply can’t find in a suburban mall.

Images via ModCloth.

  • Not sure if you’re a 4 or 6 in that skirt? Read the measurements and sizing charts/guides carefully. Are they listing measurements of garments laid out flat? Many websites will also illustrate how to take measurements so follow the guides.
  • Make sure they deliver! Before you even start browsing for a brand new wardrobe, check to see if they ship to where you’re located. Also check on shipping fees, customs, and other policies so you’re not surprised when the package is delivered.
  • It’s not what I expected! When shopping online it’s important to read every detail that is listed. Online shopping sites are usually really good about listing the fabric content and other details that are pertinent. Another tip is to read consumer reviews if they are available. It’s good to get the thoughts of other consumers as they will share the pros and cons of the items that you are considering purchasing. If there’s a questions that hasn’t been addressed, take the time to chat with an online stylist or send an e-mail.
  • Take it back! The most important thing to read up on is the company’s return policy. Do they take back sale items? Do they refund your money or give you a credit? Is it exchange only? Will they pay for returns or is that your responsibility? How long do you have for a return/exchange? Being versed in the company’s return policy gives you some ease of mind when making online purchases.

Images via Forward.

Ready to embark on an online adventure? Here are a few websites that I enjoy perusing: Anthropologie, Ruche, Revolve, Asos, ModCloth, Net-a-Porter, and Forward. The online community of Etsy is also a great place to spend hours looking at handmade, vintage, and art items.

Images via Net-a-Porter.

What are your favorite online shopping sites? I’d love to hear about them so send me an e-mail and happy shopping!


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