Let me take you down memory lane…I’ve been married since 2005 and we decided to celebrate our 5th year anniversary in Paris, France (I mean, where else could be more appropriate to celebrate love, right?). Now, my husband’s original marriage proposal was ~ let’s just say, less than stellar (a long story!) ~ for which I have never let him live down. But, he managed to make up for it with flair this past year. After enjoying a très délicieux dinner, we were taking a cab back to the hotel when he asks the driver to drop us off by the Seine River (stating that it would be a nice night to walk back and enjoy the scenery). We were walking across one of the many bridges that cross the Seine and I remember that he kept asking me why I thought there were so many bike locks along the chain link fence that lines the bridge…to which I dismissed with the oh-so-logical response that obviously it was for people to lock up their bikes (of course it didn’t strike me as odd that there were hundreds of locks and obviously no bikes). About halfway down the bridge, hubby suddenly stops and starts kneeling down and voila, brings out a box ~ a ring box! In the box was a beautiful old lock (apparently it is from the 1800s ~ found on ebay of course!) in the shape of a heart with our names engraved.

He proceeds to tell me the story of the bridge, Pont Des Arts; as the oldest pedestrian bridge that crosses the Seine, it has become customary for lovers to “lock their love” with a cadenas d’amour (love padlocks) to the railings and then throw the key into the river to make their love to last for all eternity. How poignant! He chose to hunt down a heart-shaped and especially old lock as a representation of our many years of  a love-filled marriage (ok so “many” is subjective but considering our early matrimony, we are considered a “senior” married couple amidst our circle of friends). Believe me when I say that the waterworks were flowing…the “make-up” proposal was long anticipated in my head but at that moment, it was so very unexpected…and so very picture perfect. Of course when I was presented with the actual ring, my answer was simply ~ oui! (Okay so maybe more like: “oui! oui! OUI! oui! OUI!)

The perfect ring for the occasion: Dior “oui” ring in gold.

What’s the best proposal story you have heard? I’d love to hear!

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  1. ANA


    and the ring!!!:XXX again:)

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