The mini high school reunion I had this weekend was another reminder that friends are a reflection of self. When you look in the mirror, the first image staring back is of you but dig deeper and you will surely see glimpses of your dearest friends ~ not only in matters of the heart but also in the way you dress. One needs to simply walk through a shopping mall to know that friends dress alike; in some instances, the looks are mirror images that only differ in shade and size (quite often, even the sizes remain the same) and usually their looks will be complimentary as if they coordinated outfits before stepping out ~ albeit unconsciously. As my girlfriends and I got ready to hit the town, I noticed how all our looks were definitely in sync ~ like a designer’s coherent look book. Many factors come into play: we are dressing for the same occasion, we often share/borrow/swap clothes, and we listen to each other’s opinions. But even without such comprehensive scenarios, close friends often echo each other in inexplicable ways; I remember when a close friend and I decided to meet in Las Vegas (we were both living on opposite sides of the country) and we were shocked to see each other donning the exact same hairstyle (blunt bangs with long straight hair ~ which was not common for either of us to sport)! We hadn’t hung out together in years and there we were, looking like twins. All weekend, we heard the same comment, “how cute, you guys coordinate your hairstyles!” but little did they know how unconsciously revealing this “mere coincidence” was! I have just finished re-reading Malcolm Gladwell’s novel, Blink, and this got me to thinking that the outward similarities among friends (not only in clothes but also gestures, facial expressions, phraseology, etc.) come from the deep shared history wherein we have, at times consciously and other times quite unknowingly, picked up on a multitude of subtleties that now make up our rapid cognition. Formed by things and people of our past, our present impressions and opinions (such as our selection of retail goods) are a direct reflection of a particular make-up of influences. In addition to this, the average person’s goal when it comes to their appearance is to feel confident by fitting into their surroundings (whether that’s in a corporate suit-and-tie setting or in a studio filled with glitz and glamour) therefore it is only natural that the clothing one chooses is a direct reflection of his or her lifestyle. The next time you reach for an item from a rack full of choices, ask yourself why you are drawn to that piece in particular? Most likely it stems from the experiences of your past and the surroundings of your present…but when it comes to fashion, things become so much more exciting when you choose pieces based on a cognizant idea of what you want to project tomorrow. Phew, excuse my pseudo-philosophical tangent~ all this to say that my weekend inspired me to look through some old photos and I came across many examples of friends-dressing-alike, which now I believe is not a mere “coincidence”…also, check out for an extensive collection of candid photos that further illustrate this simple but fascinating phenomenon!


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