Coldest Place on Earth

While I am enjoying my snowless 4 days in Toronto, I can’t help but think about how cold it is in Calgary. A few days ago, it was the coldest place on Earth next to Antarctica. This is quite a feat, but not one I am claiming to fame. In a practical sense, when it is that cold all you can do is wear long johns, layer tops and sweaters, wrap scarves around your neck, and bundle up in a warm winter jacket. Many will also pull up their hoods or wear a toque (for you non-Canadians, a toque is a knit winter hat). I know it’s silly to say when it’s so cold that your head freezes and hurts from the frigid air, but what about the dreaded hat head? My solution? The ever forgotten and ignored earmuffs! These ingenious little inventions keep your ears warm while the myriad of styles that are available can match any outfit.

Look for earmuffs with a flexible band and muffs that comfortably cover your ears. If they’re too tight leave them behind and move on to the next style as constricting earmuffs will give you the same kind of pain too-tight headbands do. Also check the fiber content of the earmuffs– are they made of cashmere, wool, or acrylic?

Shearling earmuffs: Club Monaco

Keep warm this winter and avoid a bad case of hat head by finding a pair of fun earmuffs that complements your personality and fashion sense.


Earmuffs: Burberry
Have a great weekend!

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