My 2010 Advent Countdown Jar

Christmas is by far my most cherished time of year (ironically, considering that I despise snow and cold!) ~ the magical merriment that dances in the air fills me with joy and I become that giddy 6 year old version of myself! After extensive coaxing (more like coercing…meh~ tom-A-to, tom-AH-to!), I have managed to convince hubby to put up the Christmas tree as soon as Halloween passes…and then come March, I attempt to keep it up claiming that it’s now a “spring tree”! Yes, I fully admitted that I am one of those annoyingly spirited Christmas lovers who never gets sick of the carols that are on repeat at all the malls. Freud would probably conclude that it has something to do with a Christmas-repressed childhood or what have you ~ but I say, what’s not to like about a time of love, laughter, family, presents, and endless food?! Not to mention the true meaning of Christmas as a Christian. As I go through my annual Christmas to-do list (bake gingersnap cookies, put up decorations, wrap presents, make a new Christmas music cd!), I decided to put a twist on one; instead of going out to buy an Advent Calendar for our countdown to Christmas, I decided to make my own this year! I emptied out 24 matchboxes and covered them with pretty paper (I used wrapping paper but you could use magazine pages, origami paper, or recycle some old greeting cards) and numbered and filled them with some gourmet chocolate (bought in bulk from Costco). I foresee a new annual tradition! So send me YOUR homemade advent calendar ideas! This is also a great early-gift idea; as an alternative to the glass jar, place matchboxes in a decorative tin (which is much lighter and safer for shipping):

Advent Chest

Now if I could just figure out what I am going to do with all these matches (at least they’re pretty!)…any ideas?!


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