Anti-intuitive Styling

Can’t see the video? Here’s a breakdown of the contents:

With the Christmas season in full swing, the calendar is littered with banquets and parties so I thought it would be helpful to show you how I get my hair party-ready in under 10 minutes. I may be meticulous about my outfits (the LBD will be your wallet’s best friend this season as you can re-wear it over and over again by adding different accessories) but I prefer no-fuss hairstyling. In order to get the perfect “glamour” curls, I have tried many styling tools but the best one I’ve found (and now the only one I use) is the 1-inch hair straightener (yes, both to straighten AND curl). A straightener will allow you to create softer and more natural looking curls or waves (the Shirley Temple mop is only cute on grade schoolers) much quicker than hot rollers or curling irons. I am not a fan of hair products so the following steps do not include them but if your hair needs some extra coaxing, I would suggest prepping your hair with a curl enhancer and using flexible hairspray to keep the curls intact. In lieu of using hairspray, I simply make my curls tighter so that by the time I get to the party, it will loosen to the preferred level of curl.

Step 1: Take about 1-inch sections of hair (the more hair you grab, the looser the curls will be so if you desire a natural wave, grab larger sections) and clamp it with the straightener (start below eye level for a more modern look) and turn in the straightener so the hair is coiled around the barrel. Start by taking larger sections of hair then you can always go back and add more curls if necessary.

Step 2: Then pull the straightener down gently. If you want full and glamorous curls, pull entire hair length through but for a more natural beach-wave, stop curling before you reach the tips (leave them straight). Also remember that the speed with which you pull will directly affect the size of your curls (slower = tighter curls vs. faster = looser waves).

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 until all your hair has been equally curled.

Step 3. Gently run your fingers through your hair to pull apart the ringlets. Spot check and add additional curls where necessary.


Hope this helps ease the madness of the merry season…now we can spend less time fussing over our hair (while still looking fab! From the end results, no one will guess how quick and easy it was!) and more time eating and drinking! So cheers!



PS: Let me know what you thought about the video blog ~ this is me trying to keep up with the times! But is this really how I look and sound?! Funny how you picture yourself in your head…!

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One response to “Anti-intuitive Styling

  1. Janet

    Yay, a post on hair! I needed it!
    Loved the video and you look great! 🙂

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