If I were a boy, I’d ask Santa for…

With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve already made my wish list for Santa of course…but now comes the tough part ~ what to get the men in our lives? Well, unless there is something specific that he’s been coveting, I have finally realized that I must choose on the basis of what I want to get him! I mean, men generally seem to be overly practical AND/OR overly impractical in their wish lists (“um..I don’t really need anything, as for what I want…? Season tickets to the Lakers? 65 inch LED LCD 3D TV?!”) so I have resolved to go with my own personal opinion that gifts are a great excuse to receive things that you would never buy for yourself ~ the impractical gift is the ultimate indulgence, wouldn’t you say? For instance, I usually find it hard to justify spending over $150 on a massage session but wait, you say that my husband is surprising me with a $600 full-day spa retreat at a luxury hotel?! You bet I’ll enjoy it ~ and guilt-free of course because it would be outright rude to deny a GIFT! 🙂 So when I am at a loss for what to get someone, I default to my own gift philosophy and I choose to get them something that they would not be quick to buy for themselves. So with that mind frame, stop racking your brains thinking of something your man actually wants, and go out and get him something that you want him to have! Sounds counter-intuitive and a little wrong, I know, BUT rest assured ~ especially when it comes to fashion, this will most likely bode positive results. Here are a few things I’ve been scoping out…some men’s must-haves for winter (and I must say, these items are actually very practical indeed~ just with a little more flare!):

1. A staple accessory for the winter coat: The cashmere scarf

Splurge: Burberry Giant Check Cashmere Scarf / Steal: Cashmere scarves in multi colors, Polo by Ralph Lauren

2. An everyday timepiece…he may already own a watch (which he will not relinquish until the strap is in such tatters that it falls off his wrist unbeknownst to him…or drowns in a tsunami) but who’s to say the guy can only have one? Try looking for a fun alternative by veering away from what he already has. Philip Stein’s double faced watches are unique, masculine, and refreshing. If he has a metal watch, balance his collection with a supple leather strapped one…or if he has a black strap, find him a brown alternative so he can better coordinate with his dress shoes. Is his current timepiece all-business-no-pleasure? Consider getting him a sporty and durable watch that will be more weekend appropriate! The main point here is, why reinvent the wheel when you can upgrade it? Instead of stressing about what he lacks, think about the things he already has/uses daily and simply supply him with more (better!) options!

Splurge: Philip Stein Harmony Teslar Men’s Watch / Steal: Hugo Boss Brown Leather Watch

3. Equip him with essentials that he would not necessarily think of…as an avid traveller, I have an array of pouches that organize all my toiletries and makeup whereas my husband scrounges up used plastic or ziplock bags to hold his grooming needs ~ either that or he tries to slyly sneak his things into my, already overflowing, case! (“M’am, is this your Mac 3 Gillette Power Razor? You cannot bring this in your carry on! Come with me…”) Therefore, teach him the functionality of such items by getting him is very own toiletries bag…just like how the loofa is much better at lathering than a plain bar of soap (we’re still debating this one but I will prevail!), he will eventually appreciate it!

Splurge: Louis Vuitton Canvas Toiletries Bag / Steal: If the idea of owning a designer toiletries bag would appall your guy, then opt for a functional one (easily found in drugstores) then personalize it with his initials, making it special enough to present as a gift.

4. Cufflinks are a great “bundling” gift if you want to get him more than one item. Cufflinks are highly underrated by guys due to the stigma that they are only for formal affairs but this could not be farther from the truth~ there are so many fun and funky cufflinks out there to choose from (I’ve seen everything from Star Wars inspired shapes to crystal studded pieces) so you can really tap into his personality. Remember that many guys do not own dress shirts that have the appropriate cufflink slits so consider pairing the cufflinks of your choice with a new button up top ~ you could even coordinate a shirt and tie combo to match!

5. Finally, here are some other top picks of mine:

Tie Clip: for the business man in your life; once he starts wearing it, he will find it hard pressed abandon the piece as it quickly tends to become a signature look;

Designer belt: undoubtedly, your man already has a bucket full of run-of-the-mill leather belts so treat him to a fancier one that he is sure to treasure…considering that belts are a staple to any man’s wardrobe, it will be money well spent. I personally love the commanding simplicity of the Hermes H belt (also reversible!) but Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada (to name a few) all have great selections. For a trendier guy, look beyond the buckle ~ I would search for a belt that has embossing on the actual strap which will make a bolder statement.

Mont Blanc Pen: This is the mecca of fountain pens and a perfect accessory for the breast pocket. With high profile business men accustomed to using their own pens, Mont Blanc has launched “fraud proof” ink which personalizes the “DNA” of the ink just for him! Skeptic or not, sounds cool!

Fragrance: If all else fails, there is always cologne…I tend to shy away from this option because I believe a man’s fragrance is a personal choice but if he is your special someone, why not influence his scent? Chanel has come out with a new men’s fragrance that is currently all the rage: Bleu De Chanel

Alrighty, I better stop at this otherwise I will run out of items I can actually choose from for my own gift giving! Ah, the pitfalls of writing a blog I suppose…

Happy hunting!


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