With the holiday season in full force, there is no doubt an endless list of parties and other festivities to attend. While these parties are fun and filled with laughter, good food, and dear friends, there is an element of stress involved. I can’t wear that dress again– I’ve worn it twice last week! I need to wear another dress because so-and-so was at the party two nights ago and they’ll be there tonight! With these kinds of conundrums, many women have opted for the little black dress year after year and although we have seen other festive colours like red, purple, or blue in the last few years, there is nothing quite like the LBD to avoid being seen at multiple parties in the same dress. The LBD is the best solution in its flexibility and versatility to become a different dress depending on the accessories. Accessories are a whole other story and what I want to focus on today is how to find an updated and modern LBD to avoid looking like you’re attending a funeral instead of a holiday gathering.

Send us your favorite holiday looks!


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