Colour Me Happy

Okay, here we go, talking about weather… again. I promise it will be a short reference. I’ve been noticing that in cold, grey winter months, people tend to wear black, greys, and other neutrals more often than reds, yellows, or greens of spring and summer months. While it is often true that fall and winter colours are generally more subdued, it appears to me that the dreary palette undoubtedly matches the dreary outdoors and blah moods. And I am most definitely guilty. Between 40 hours in an office and living in a city with notoriously long winters, I’ve been dressing myself in black, grey, navy, with the occasional camel and even more rare punch of coral. The past few days I’ve consciously made an effort to incorporate colour and have done so with honeysuckle (the colour of the year!), lime yellow, and even went a little bold by pairing a royal blue top with a warm yellow cardigan.

Silk top: F21; Skinny cargo jeans: Rich & Skinny from Leo Boutique; Booties: Aldo; Bib necklace: from Mealan

Nail bracelet: from Primitive Culture; Rhodium and gold bracelet: Links of London; Leather bag: Zara

I know studies have been done and colour psychology (e.g. black evokes power and authority, blue is calming and loyal) is popular. While I am no expert in colour, wearing brighter colours made me feel a little chipper and I may have even skipped (and I’ve been told I’m a terrible skipper for a girl…). You don’t have to go crazy with colour combinations like I did, but try pops of colour with accessories to accompany your winter wardrobe. Belts, shoes, bags, among other accessories are easy ways to add some colour and sunshine to your day. Here are 5 easy ways:

1. Timex Modern Originals 2. Mulberry Alexa bag 3. Kimchi Blue patent skimmers 4. Kate Spade Rosette tank 5. Hermes belt

Happy colouring and don’t forget to send us pictures of your “Colour Me Happy” experience!






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2 responses to “Colour Me Happy

  1. love these photos,especially the first one 🙂
    nice blog 🙂 i’m gonna visit it again 🙂

    come and check out my blog 🙂

  2. nice blog you got here!and some pretty good pictures!i am following!i hope to see you on my list as well!!
    kisses from greece!!

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