The Prince of Theatrics

You are all probably aware of the drama surrounding John Galliano’s suspension from Dior that unfolded late last week with the accusation that he hurled racist and anti-Semitic remarks at a couple in Paris’ Marais district. Add to that the accusation of a similar incident last October, the release of an amateur video footage capturing the exchange, an undated video in which he claims he loves Hitler and the fate of the British designer is not looking very promising. Despite popular opinion that his career his over, nothing official has been decided yet. To be honest, I don’t know very much about Galliano except that he is flamboyant, theatrical, and his collections are always a good show. Irrelevant to the current issue at hand, it is my opinion that he is one of the few remaining designers who truly understands and loves the tradition and intricacies of couture.  To that effect, I’ve put together a few of my favorite creations from the last few seasons simply to celebrate the art he has contributed.

Fall 08 Couture and RTW

09 Spring and Fall Couture

Images via

Fall 10 Couture and RTW

Spring 11 Couture and RTW

Images via

Happy Monday!



Update: Dior has dismissed Galliano and prosecutors are expected to make a decision on whether he will face trial or not by the end of this week. Galliano’s dismissal comes on the first day of Paris Fashion Week and three days before Dior’s show which is scheduled to continue without the designer.

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  1. Such a shame! The clothes are so beautiful!

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