Yes, it is true that your baby will grow out of that adorable Burberry onesie faster than you can brew a cup of coffee but this does not detract from how irresistible it is! Somehow, I always find myself roaming around the baby department of Nordstrom, sighing and squealing at all the darling little pieces! Miniature clothes are so much cuter! Instead of having to purchase a gift, I am racking my brain for excuses to buy the pink tutu and sparkly baby toms! Who knew the little munchkins had so much selection?! And who knew the price tag on such a small item could be so huge! Unless you are okay to sooth your pocketbook-conscience by insisting that the purchase will make an excellent “hand-me-down-to-the-second-child-I-have-yet-to-procreate”, opt for cute kids clothes without a hefty brand name, I mean, if they can’t read it, they shouldn’t need to wear it! OR, check out your nearest outlet (eg. Nordstrom Rack) for some amazing deals!

While baby fashion may be très chic, what about mommy fashion? Sure there are many more choices today when it comes to maternity wear but how about post-maternity when you have a full time slobbering machine that shows no mercy for your silky tops and sparkly jewels! Well, silk may still need to be avoided unless you’re related to a dry cleaner, but I have found a great solution for those of you who are in accessory withdrawal! Let me introduce you to…Chewbeads! Chewbeads are long and stylish necklaces that work double duty as a teething tool for your little one who cannot keep his/her paws off anything that dangles! They are made of non-toxic silicon which make them soft on babies gums and emerging teeth. Chewbeads contain no BPA, PVC, phthalates, Cadmium, lead or heavy metals and there are no detachable parts. Even if your little one has hercules-esque-pipes, have no fear as the necklace has a breakaway clasp for added safety. The best part is that they are easily cleaned with soap and water or you can even stick them in the dishwasher! They come in 16 different colors (I like the deep sea blue!) and you can even get matching bracelets that can serve as a colorful reminder of which side you last nursed. The necklaces are $30 and the bracelets are $10 USD. Check out www.chewbeads.com for more information.

Speaking of sytle meets functionality, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Le Bibble! Le Bibble is a baby bottle bib that has been designed to prevent leakage from ruining your baby’s adorable outfit! I mean, I am all for outfit changes but how many can a little one handle?! Wouldn’t it be nice if his/her latest looks could be shown off at least until lunchtime? With all the pretty colors and designs, it can even be a wonderful coordination “accessory” for your little one ~ who knew baby bottles could also enjoy makeovers! Although, I am sure your baby will appreciate Le Bibble more for its ability to serve as a handy bottle holder for little fingers to grab onto. Plus, the absorbent organic underlay can be used to wipe chin leakage. I spoke to Michelle, the creator of Le Bibble, and her enthusiasm is infectious! I am happy to report that she is NOW ABLE TO SHIP TO CANADA! Yay! www.lebibble.com

I know there are many popular brands of strollers out on the market today; some are very chic while others are not the most aesthetically pleasing, but hey, I guess priorities change with little ones around! I have always been a fan of Bugaboo and so I was excited to hear that they have just announced their new spring 2011 colors for the Cameleon and Bee. Deep plum and light green will be available in April while the soft pink and tangerine will be coming out closer to September. You can purchase the complete stroller or as separate tailored fabric sets.

I am expecting samples of both Chewbeads & Le Bibble in the mail soon so be on the lookout for an image post of the items in the near future. And, check back on Monday for some adorable baby outfits!


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